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Humans of Healthcare: Technology's Role In Nursing

How many students pulling all-nighters right now in nursing school dream of becoming a device interface when they graduate? What would the course description look like anyway? Maybe something like: Device Interfaces in Modern Nursing — In lieu of automated systems, today’s nurse is expected to spend an inordinate amount of time manually typing and/or writing information down on a sticky notes from medical devices to electronic health records (EHR). While it’s not a course they teach, the task of manually and inefficiently managing data between devices is what nurses are being tasked with in the real world every day, and it comes with high costs. 

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Bringing Instant Gratification to Nurses

Right now, like right this second if you really wanted, you could order a dozen pizzas, grab a champagne stocked limo to the airport, book a flight and hotel to Vegas, check the local weather, liquidate the savings account, cue up some Spotify jams and update your Facebook status to permanent vacation… all with one thumb. We live in a world of instant gratification. We'll all gladly pay a premium for convenience. If you want something, there’s either somebody out there who can give it to you at the push of a button, (Amazon, Uber, Netflix, etc.) or somebody working very hard to make an app for it (most likely from their MIT dorm.)

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If Amazon can deliver the goods, so should Healthcare

Remember 2001, when e-commerce was in its infancy? “Click-to-Buy” typically meant a follow-up call to ensure that the order went through; and many more to figure out where your order was. Amazon changed that game to the point that when you Click-to-Buy today, you are sure that your order will show up as plannedor earlier.

Amazon is looking to shake up e-commerce again. The company recently announced same day delivery in major metropolitan markets. It is an impressive feat, considering they have millions of products delivered from thousands of vendors to millions of consumers. The successful implementation of this idea requires the players to employ a cross-functional approach, with deep planning, investment in IT, along with strong ties and good rapport with transportation partners.

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