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Humans of Healthcare: Technology's Role In Nursing

How many students pulling all-nighters right now in nursing school dream of becoming a device interface when they graduate? What would the course description look like anyway? Maybe something like: Device Interfaces in Modern Nursing — In lieu of automated systems, today’s nurse is expected to spend an inordinate amount of time manually typing and/or writing information down on a sticky notes from medical devices to electronic health records (EHR). While it’s not a course they teach, the task of manually and inefficiently managing data between devices is what nurses are being tasked with in the real world every day, and it comes with high costs. 

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Press It & Get It: The On Demand Hospital

“Place it. Press it. Get it.” Thus reads the marketing copy on the Amazon Dash Button webpage. Instantaneous and on demand, you stick the Wi-Fi-enabled button by its corresponding product and whenever you’re running low on coffee or razors or baby formula, you press it and get it. That’s the type of user experience and automated process Mainspring is bringing to hospital operations; where nurses and clinicians get their on demand requests quickly and easily fulfilled, while support services (whether it’s clinical engineering, facilities, environmental services, etc.) have the proper tools and workflow to effectively deliver that request.

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