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Mainspring & Emanate: Healthcare IoT to Fix Real Healthcare Problems


At Mainspring, we strive to identify real problems in the healthcare industry and work with likeminded partners to utilize versatile Internet of Things (IoT) technology to develop innovative solutions. We create closed loop workflows, designed with multiple automated and manual inputs. Sensors placed on medical devices allow for automated data collection, giving hospitals insights into where things are and what condition they’re in. Different things in the hospital have different requirements for being connected to humans via the internet. Some challenges can be simply resolved by locating the assets using active RTLS or Passive RFID, while others need to also send information such as temperature/humidity and utilization.

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When Technology Disappears

An interesting bit of tech news that made its way across social media not too long ago was the revelation/admission that the Windows 3.0 version of Solitaire, and subsequently released games like Minesweeper, Hearts and FreeCell were created, not just for entertainment, but as clever teaching tools designed by Microsoft to introduce computer users to the fine art of “drag and drop”. Remember this was 1990, and GUIs (graphical user interfaces) just started to become commercially available in the previous decade. For some users this was their first interaction with a PC, and everyone else had been brought up interacting with computers by typing out command-lines. It seems to have worked. In no time, command-lines were out and point and click was in. 

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