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HIMSS, Vegas & The Post-EHR Era

Is this the post-EHR era? Are we now living in a post-EHR world? The general idea of this term is that we’ve come to a point where the industry-wide shift in the adoption of electronic health records has taken place, and now the focus can be on making much needed improvements to the health IT infrastructure that’s been implemented, like doubling down on efforts to improve interoperability.       

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Healthcare Technology: Success was a Mandate, Now it's a Choice

When hospitals think information technology, the 100-million-dollar gorilla in the room is electronic health records (EHR). While the adoption of these systems is meant to improve healthcare and create cost savings, EHR software systems are sprawling, their implementation complex and their price tags can run in the millions to hundreds of millions of dollars. At the high-end there are places like Boston-based Partners HealthCare, which went live with Epic (the EHR market-share leader) to the tune of $1.2 billion, after a three-year implementation process.

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Defining Interoperability in Healthcare

There’s a healthcare revolution going on out there. The digital age came upon us, new technologies arose, and the American healthcare system underwent a seismic transformation. With the HITECH Act, accompanying the 2009 economic stimulus, and the Affordable Care Act in 2010, there’s been a national push for the adoption and advancement of health information technology, most importantly of the interoperability of health information technology. But what exactly does interoperability mean, and why is it so important?

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