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Visibility with Tracking Technology: Big Picture is you still need to Get Off The Couch

How many coach potatoes do you think there are out there, got a FitBit for the holidays and made good on their New Year’s resolutions to become chiselled fitness buffs — they all did, right? All these people started tracking themselves, gained detailed insights into every step back and forth from the fridge between Netflix binges, and through the power of visibility with informative dashboards and a fancy app, they put down the Häagen-Dazs and turned their life completely around.

The same thing happened with RTLS across the healthcare industry. Never mind the size, age of the facility or makeup of the physical environment, every hospital that bought into RTLS for asset tracking in the past decade gained visibility into the every tagged asset. As a result, biomedical engineers knew exactly where every medical device was and what condition it was in, nurses received those devices when they needed them, money was saved, patients were happy, and nobody had to get off the couch.     

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Saving Hospitals Millions

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Low-hanging fruit in healthcare spending

Climate change is a big, sprawling, complex, hotly-debated issue and has been for some time. Here’s an interesting fact though: Only 35 percent of U.S. households actively recycle. If that number reached 75 percent, it would have the environmental benefit of removing 50 million cars from the road each year. Give yourself a pat on the back next time you bring those plastic bins out curbside. While it’s not going to fix everything, it seems like a fairly simple action that companies and individuals can take to make some change. What about healthcare in this country? That other, big, sprawling, complex, hotly debated issue. Can we find any low-hanging fruit there?    

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