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Mainspring Partners with PartsSource

Posted by Chris Richie on Nov 13, 2015 2:32:57 PM

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Mainspring Healthcare Solutions is excited to announce a new partnership with PartsSource that will transform how healthcare technology management (HTM) departments manage their parts inventory. Over the last decade, the two companies have been the leading innovators in their respective markets; PartsSource with its highly automated parts procurement solution and Mainspring with its integrated equipment lifecycle management platform. The new partnership will deliver greater benefits to clients, including significantly reduced parts costs, improved staff productivity and detailed visibility into parts consumption, spending and quality.

Poor inventory management of medical equipment parts costs HTM departments hundreds of dollars per bed annually, even before considering lost technician time and unnecessary equipment downtime. Some typical areas of waste include technicians spending up to two hours a day determining what part to buy and who to buy it from, departments holding non-critical inventory, overpaying due to last minute purchases and paying excessive expedited shipping costs.

Unfortunately, poorly managed parts programs also suffer from a lack of data to confirm usage, cost or quality, making it difficult to justify an investment to fix the problem. The net result is that many hospitals have made very little progress in parts management over the years. PartsSource and Mainspring are now changing that.

The PartsSource ePartsFinder application and online marketplace automates the highly complex workflow of medical equipment parts procurement. The company facilitates more than 300,000 transactions annually by connecting thousands of suppliers and OEMs to over 3,300 hospitals worldwide. The solution makes it easy to find the best options for replacement parts, whether it’s new from the OEM, aftermarket or refurbished. It also manages the procurement process by seamlessly coordinating information between the hospital’s purchasing system, the vendor and Asset Enterprise, Mainspring’s CMMS.

“The Mainspring partnership with PartsSource is going to take our software automation to a new level, by incorporating the power of ePartsFinder directly into Asset Enterprise. Users will be able to view the PartsSource catalog and place purchase requests from within a work order. Their purchase request status will then be automatically updated in the system, saving HTM departments a great deal of time and money,” said Mainspring CEO Hank Goddard.  

Asset Enterprise will also have the ability to automatically order parts based on upcoming scheduled work and par levels. This level of automation reduces unplanned downtime, improves compliance for preventative maintenance, while reducing parts and shipping costs.

The automated closed-loop process for parts procurement will give managers complete visibility into parts usage, inventory levels and costs. Asset Enterprise can easily interface with ERP software to allow for purchasing information to be shared seamlessly between the operational and financial databases.

“Mainspring’s integration with the PartsSource catalog, ordering and tracking tools enable an organization to drastically reduce the time spent sourcing, ordering and tracking parts while improving the quantity and quality of data stored in their work orders. This integrated solution automates the creation and management of materials, reducing duplicates while also ensuring accurate pricing data is applied in real-time so that the true cost of an asset can be accurately measured,” said PartsSource CTO, Chris Fuss.

The basic integration between Asset Enterprise and ePartsFinder is free to Mainspring clients. Mainspring invites all to join us to review the software changes and roadmap.


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