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Angela Spillane talks AAMI 2016

Posted by Chris Richie on May 12, 2016 12:26:55 PM

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The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) had their annual conference and expo last year in Denver, Colorado. Over 2,300 healthcare technology management professionals and students from across the nation and around the world came to the Colorado Convention Center for four days full of learning opportunities, networking, and to see the latest innovations, upgrades, and advances in healthcare technology.

AAMI 2016 will bring over 2,200 healthcare technology management professionals from across the nation and around the world to Tampa for four days of expanding your knowledge, connecting with your peers, and seeing the latest innovations, upgrades, and advances in healthcare technology. 

Angela Spillane holds degrees in biomedical and clinical engineering and is currently an Account Management & Operations Analyst at Mainspring Healthcare Solutions. Spillane will be speaking at this year's AAMI conference.

This year's AAMI Conference & Expo will be in sunny Tampa, Florida. Can you give us your take on the conference and why you look forward to going every year?

This will be my third conference so far with AAMI. I look forward to the conference each year because it’s clinical engineering’s biggest conference to really talk in depth about CE stuff -- what challenges organizations have overcome in the last year, and what top priorities are coming up in the industry. Also, now that I’m not actually in a hospital anymore, it gives me a chance to connect with colleagues that are still in the trenches, so I don’t feel out of the loop and stay up to date with best practices. (Most of my classmates from my UConn grad program also attend, which is always fun!)


You spoke at an AAMI session in 2015 at their first ever student roundtable. This year you'll be speaking on data management and keeping data clean. Can you give a preview of your talk?

Yes! I am really excited about being a presenter this year. A lot of my work at Mainspring has been around making sure clients are utilizing their CMMS in the best way possible with optimized workflows -- the core of that is having clean inventory. My talk will be focusing on the importance of standardizing data, a few pieces of advice on how to tackle a cleanup yourself, and show some real examples of what I’ve found with my clients.

During our last interview you mentioned that data security was a hot topic at the conference. We imagine it will be this year as well. Is there any other topics that interest you going into the conference?

Cyber Security is still going to be a top priority at this conference, but I am excited to also hear from a few organizations that have tackled interoperability within their hospitals. Two sessions I’ve spotted that I’d really like to attend include ACCE’s symposium which is focused on best practices surrounding medical device acquisition with device integration in mind and a session focused on EHRs -- a research effort presented by UL using human factors analyses to create design guidelines for the industry moving forward.

What trends do you see in clinical engineering? What excites you most about where the industry is headed in the next few years?

Since interconnectivity continues to grow in the industry, actual success stories and what to consider when integrating all kinds of devices onto the hospital network is something I am really excited to hear about at AAMI this year and am sure this will only grow over the next few years. The big question I have is have we been able to improve patient care through this increased connectivity and what big obstacles are there to making the patient experience better and safer.

Is there any advice you'd give to first timers, especially younger grads, in terms of navigating the conference?

Make sure to look at the schedule well in advance so you don’t miss any of the sessions that really interest you. Also, don’t be afraid to get out there and socialize with anyone around you, I love that this conference is filled with folks that truly care about healthcare and patient safety!

Do you still have that award winning AAMI selfie from 2014?

I do! While they didn’t have a selfie contest last year, I like that AAMI tries to engage with attendees and make it fun with something new every year!